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Logo Creation

A logo is a very personal thing. It needs to not only capture the essence of your business but also motivate certain feelings in those that connect with your business. Make sure your Logo is just right with a detailed client needs analysis as part of a done for your research package from Connection Media Co. Let's get your logo just right!

Example Logos

Connection Media Co Logo

Our own logo. We created this idea with the understanding that our goal as a company is to create connection. Connecting our client to their ideal audience. The chain links communicate this desire to create connection. We also needed to tie into the brand of our sister company Connection Publishing which has been around longer than Connection Media Co. 

WTE4Dinner Logo

What to eat 4 dinner is a website dedicated to offering pre-planned meals for busy people. The website focuses on delicious yet easy meals scheduled out for the month. With this emphasis on the calendar feature, we developed an icon that integrates the calendar and meals along with the name of the company. 

Get Attention newsletter Logo

We also create content and educate business owners on marketing and business operations. Ryan Spelts publishes a weekly blog post and the point of that blog is to help business owners get and keep attention with their marketing. The magnet signifies our desire to help advertisers and students attract their audience with their marketing. The magnet is also pulling the "Get" up to its give a visual representation of its attraction. 

North View Business Alliance Logo

The North View Business Alliance is a local nonprofit business organization dedicated to connecting business owners and city officials in a 3 city area. Nestled in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountain range, each of the three peaks represents the three cities and they are interconnected to represent unity. 

Each logo is unique and special. It takes time and research to get it just right. Our logo packages start at $399 and can go up from there if included in one of our Done For You packages. 

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