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Get Attention: Small Business
Marketing Tools

We use these tools to help our clients hone in on their WHO (target audience), their WHY (best client's reason for doing business with you), along with their WHAT and WHERE. Feel free to use them for your business. You can also subscribe to learn marketing tips and tricks for local businesses each week here.

Define Your WHO

The first step in a Strategic Marketing Plan is to define your target audience. I call this your WHO. If you explain your WHO like this... "Anyone aged between ___-___ that likes____," your audience is too small. Use this worksheet to narrow it down and know exactly WHO you are marketing to.

Define Your WHY

Once you know your WHO, it is time to define your WHY. This is not why you are in the business you are in. It is actually the reason WHY your best customers choose to do business with you. This WHY Worksheet will help you define your business's Silver Bullet. This will inspire all of your marketing decisions, so make sure you get it right. 

Define your WHY anchor
Define your WHO anchor

Where Should You Advertise?

Once you Know Your WHO and your WHY, you will be ready to decide what marketing channels you want to advertise in. Depending on your advertising goals, you may want to increase Brand Recognition or create Leads. Download the WHERE Worksheet here. 

Where should I advertise Worksheet
Where should you advertise?

Get The Book

Ryan wrote the original Marketing Playbook to help small business owners know what to do to effectively market their business. Over the years, he has updated and added to the book and it is now called Get Attention: Small Business Marketing Playbook. 

You can buy it here or you can get a free copy by signing up for our weekly marketing newsletter at

Emotional Trigger Words

Emotion + Relevance = Attention

In a 3 second world, you need to grab attention in your titles, hooks, and openers. This list will give you some great words to lean on when creating emotional triggers for your marketing.

Emotion Trigger Words List
Get the book anchor
Emotional Trigger Words Anchor

Social Media Advertising Planning Tools

Use these tools to create a plan to make your social media and advertising plans sing. These tools can plan out an annual theme by the month, help you with the 12 types of Social Media Posts, and guide you in planning out an effective advertising campaign whether digital, print, video, etc. 

Social Media Planners anchor

Sales Funnel Worksheet

Know when someone is a potential client and how to nurture them into buying—then, keep their attention. This guide will help you to make a plan. When you know where you are in the funnel, you know how to turn someone into a client.

Sales Funnel Worksheet full
Sales Funnel Worksheet

Your Brand Circle Worksheet

Use this brand circle story worksheet to help you define your brand's identity. You can also have your employees go through this to fully understand who you are and what you stand for. 

Your Brand Story Circle.png
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