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7 Steps to Closing the Sale

This is a simple format that can be duplicated in creating a sales demo. If any of these parts are missing the approach will fall short. Of course before number 1 below the sales person must find a prospect. Then …

1. Build Rapport

  1. People do business with people they know and trust

  2. Find common beliefs

  3. Get to know them as you would a friend

  4. Remember information you hear so you can refer to it when building value in your product

2. Identify a need a goal or a pain point

  1. What is the problem your customer has that your product solves

  2. People buy benefits not features (what does the product do for them, not just what does it do)

  3. Why would they be interested in your product? Not why you are interested. Ask questions fill needs.

  4. Personalize it.  The customer should realize that they have a problem the product solves without this, you will not sell to someone who doesn’t see a need.

3. Product – Provide a solution (Focus on Emotion)

  1. People buy on emotion and defend with logic

  2. Using the information acquired from the questions, personalize and explain how the product solves the problem.

  3. The best way to show a product solves a problem is through true 3rd person stories of others who have had the same need and used the product to solve it.

  4. Emotion comes from wanting the experience the product offers which is sold through stories (Facts tell, stories sell)

The 4 P’s (Price, Plan, Package and Paperwork)

4. Price

  1. Confidence and personal belief in the price

  2. Why it is priced as it?

  3. Enthusi.a.s.m. (I am sold myself)

  4. Price comparison if applicable (This can sometimes take to focus to logic and features, often it is better to keep the conversation on emotion and benefits)

5. Plan

  1. How people pay for the product

  2. Cover payment options or common ways to pay

  3. Make sure customers understand the easiness of the plan

  4. Cover how and when items or service will be delivered with excitement

6. Package

  1. Give an incentive to say Yes! Today

  2. Free items or limited time discount (impending event)

  3. Motivation to make a decision now, not put it off till later

  4. Be firm and honest, if it is something you always offer then it is not an impending event (Example: As an incentive for you to get it today, I will throw in this item…)

7. Paperwork (Close)

  1. Ask for the order without asking you will never know.

  2. With a smile

  3. Silence is a powerful closing tool. Ask then don’t talk until an answer is given.

  4. Jerry Jones – Owner of the Dallas Cowboys, was asked his secret to business success, he said; “I believe there are 5 keys to business success, 1st is Ask for the money.  The second…..Uh, I don’t  remember the rest of them.”

coming next overcoming objections…

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