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Get Attention in a Local Market

Marketing is all about attention and sometimes getting attention in your local community is challenging. The basic principles of the decision-making process for any prospect are, they must 1st KNOW you, 2nd LIKE you or have a positive opinion of you or your business, and 3rd TRUST that you will do what you say you will do. I put together some ideas for you to be able to get more attention in your local market.

1. Build brand recognition:

  1. The best sources for branding are Hyper Local Print Advertising as we do in Connection Publishing’s magazines. Your website is also key to people knowing who you are and what you do. If you have a location or vehicle, getting them properly wrapped or having good signage is also important.

  2. Your organic social media posts can also help here even though organic social media is more and more difficult to get seen because they want you to pay for advertising like most media sources. You can get lucky sometimes though, so it is good to have some organic measures in place. Some other sources are Local TV, Digital Video, Mobile Display, Billboards, and swag or merchandise with your logo on it.

2. Local Engagement:

  1. By engaging with the local community, you increase the visibility of your business and create opportunities for people to learn about what you do.

  2. You can sponsor local events like parades or sporting events. Participating in charity fundraisers can bring out your company’s spirit of giving back and has a very positive impact on people’s opinion of a company.

  3. Local networking events are also very powerful especially when you commit to them and attend regularly. Look at your Chamber of Commerce or other networking groups to find one that suits you.

3. Fostering Customer Loyalty:

  1. This can be as simple as offering a frequent customer card or discount. It might also be a referral program where you ask customers to spread the word.

  2. If you have return customers often, maybe give a discount for continued purchases or offer agreements where they commit to a certain amount of time or number of services where a discount is offered.

  3. Always remember that it is much easier and cheaper to keep a customer than to go find a new one. Do what you can to keep them happy, and though it takes time, your reputation will be built on how people talk about you.

4. Manage your online reputation:

  1. People look up companies before doing business with them. You should do everything you can to not only get reviews but also to get good reviews. People will look at them.

  2. When a dispute happens with someone, make sure you respond without blame to any negative feedback. This will help people know that you really do care and want to do a good job. Not every review will be 5 stars but people will look at your responses too. If you would like help in getting more reviews, let us know, we have some great tools for that.

5. Cross-Marketing Opportunities:

  1. This can be such a powerful tool when used properly. Creating an event where you co-market with another local business that you both might benefit from. Think of a real estate agent and mortgage broker making a bounce house event at a local park, that brings in potential first-time home buyers with small children. This event can benefit both parties. There are lots of opportunities here so be creative.

  2. Another important benefit of focusing your marketing dollars locally is that it helps to support the local economy. A rising tide lifts all ships! When you buy from local suppliers, hire local employees, and engage with other local businesses, you are contributing to the economic health of your community. This can have a positive impact on your business in the long run, as a strong local economy can lead to increased consumer spending and more growth opportunities.

Being a local business is sometimes challenging, having a plan and engaging your local market is crucial to your survival. Connection Publishing has established itself as the local marketing experts for Weber County, Davis County, and Box Elder County. We work hard to know about all the tools that can help you get noticed in your community and it is our approach to be trusted advisors not sales people, so that means if there is a solution that would be good for your business but we don’t offer it, we will refer you to someone who does. Our goal is to help you get what you need. We are happy to help brainstorm with you so you can find success. 

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