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If You’re Going to do Something, You Might as Well Do it Well

The judges give you 9's and 10's

When we first started Connection Publishing, later to become Connection Media Co., it seemed like we constantly ran into problems. This was particularly true when we started to grow. We had to develop a system to handle incoming content, images, and advertisements. I quickly realized that business owners didn’t have the skills or connections to create their own advertisements. We had to learn how to do that, and create a system to automate it. Once the structure was in place, then we had to get good at it.


Often out of desperation, as business owners, we put our efforts into the things that are most on fire. For my first year in business, that was my primary style of organization. It’s a very painful way of doing business and it leads to high stress and rushed, low-quality outcomes.


Coming up with a system takes time, effort, and patience. My recommendation is that when you notice a bottleneck or a repeated fire, step back and look at it from a 10,000 foot distance. Think about how to smooth it out and who could help you do it, how you could make it easier with some automation, and then think about whether your solution serves your customer or just yourself.


I remember a business that had issues with electronic communication. Instead of looking for a way to manage all the communication in one place, they put automated messages everywhere that basically said, “if you want to get ahold of us, we don’t talk to people here, you will have to call us.” They created a temporary solution for themselves, but not one that served their customers. I wonder how much business is lost from people not being willing to take that extra step. Make things easier on yourself, but make sure it’s good for your customer too.


Once you figure out how to make it more efficient, the next step is to get good at it. Remember, you don’t have to be perfect. Wasting your time chasing the impossible is futile. But you do have to be good. If you want good reviews, good referrals, and a good reputation, you must be good at what you do. 


As Dan Kennedy says, “Good is good enough, Next!” 


The thing is, if you can improve the experience, the quality, or the delivery of your product, you should. Make it better. In fact, make it unforgettable. Motivate conversations about you because you’re constantly striving to be great at what you do.


You will fail. I fail just about every day. I never take failure as a death sentence, but I use it to improve, adjust, and deliver better in the future. If something goes wrong with one of your customers, ask them how you can improve. What would have changed the situation or made things better? You will be surprised at the cool ideas people will share with you. Your efforts will also tell them that you are putting your best foot forward.


It’s tempting as a business owner to take on things you aren’t ready to handle. It’s fun to say, “yeah, I can do that!” However, it’s much better to be able to say, “I am really good at that!” That doesn’t mean that you have to wait until you are good at it to try it. Remember, you can’t get better until you start somewhere. But make sure you have a plan and are willing to change and adapt as you go along. If you continually focus on learning and improving, you are on the path to excellence. If you’re going to do something, you might as well do it well.


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