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Connection Media Co.

Spelts Family photo

Ryan and Melissa Spelts Founders

Our Story

Connection Publishing was founded in 2016 as a community magazine company with a set goal to create more connection in our own community. Today we have grown and now have five magazines in five different communities and are a full-service digital marketing agency. We serve businesses in Northern Utah. 

In 2022, Connection Publishing realized that there is a great need and opportunity in Digital Marketing and Video Marketing for their primary customers: local small businesses. Connection Publishing has become a partner for local businesses to advertise in print, digital, search engine (PPC), Social Media, and video platforms (CTV, OTT, Pre-Roll, and YouTube). We even use our creative experience to shoot videos on location to help clients create videos for their businesses. Our company has grown from a simple idea, to create connection in our community, to now delivering magazines to 65,000 homes and reaching hundreds of thousands of potential customers digitally for our advertising clients. Learn about our team below. 

Our Team

Ryan Headshot Blue Smile_edited_edited.j

Ryan Spelts - CEO - Ryan has spent 25 years selling various products and building sales teams. Ryan always asks, "Who do we serve," when leading his team in making decisions. He has always wanted to provide excellent experiences for his clients. Ryan is passionate about helping businesses get their advertising right. He wrote the book "Get Attention: Small Business Marketing Handbook" to teach a marketing course for small businesses in association with Ogden Technical College. He also consults with clients, helping them take their marketing to the next level. You can follow Ryan on many major social media platforms listed below. You can also read Ryan's Full Bio Here. 

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Melissa Spelts - Founder - When Ryan and I were first married, we both decided that I would stay home and raise our children, so I spent 16 years doing so while Ryan worked to provide financially for our family. When he came to me with the idea to start Connection Media Co. (Formerly Connection Publishing), I told him it would be a great idea and thought I would just cheer him on as I had done in all of his other careers. About a week before the first magazine was due in 2016, I realized he was still selling advertising and the content wasn't getting completed. I dove in and helped pull everything together. Since that day, I have helped curate and gather the content we love creating every month. I also love photography and work hard to make sure our covers are beautiful to draw our readers in.

Melissa is also a primary contributor to, our recipe and meal plan website. ​

Leadership Team

Robert Dodd Headshot

Robert Dodd - I started my career in radio broadcasting and have always been drawn to creative work. I later developed a passion for graphic design after seeing a family member using design software—my journey now spans over three decades.

I am self-taught in design software and bolstered by college courses. I strive for success in design and layout. I love being part of creating the Connection Magazines and making beautiful layouts.


The joy of creating impactful designs keeps me driven and motivated, continually refining my skills. Grateful for the opportunity to collaborate at Connection Media Co.

Lead Graphic Designer

Cindy Jones Headshot

Cindy Jones - A lifetime writer and recently certified graphic designer, Cindy loves the spirit of community and dynamic energy she has found working with Connection Media Co. She brings over two decades of freelance writing, graphic design skills, and a deep appreciation for print magazines to the team.


Cindy spent her teenage years cutting photos and words from magazines and pinning them, along with her own writings, to a cork-board in her bedroom. To be able to help cultivate content as an editor and designer for Connection’s print publications is that teenager’s dream come true. When she’s not planning, writing, or designing content, Cindy loves exploring new trails and historic neighborhoods with her husband and two daughters. 

Editor/ Graphic Design

Ann Park headshot

Ann Park - Ann Park is a long-time resident of Northern Utah. She loves the outdoors, especially the mountain peaks. She loves adventure, hiking, and mountain climbing. She is deeply committed to creativity, loves writing, and is a published author. She loves the spirit of entrepreneurship and loves to see great business concepts launch and fly.  Working with people is always one of her favorite things.

"I love discovering amazing businesses right here in the city, and I love meeting the people who run them. I learn so much every day. I've been a huge fan of Connection Publishing since it started. I have written for them for years just because I loved to share and hoped to bring the community closer together. I have thought about working for Ryan Spelts for a long time, but as he was preparing to launch the Ogden Connection, the timing was right. I'm excited for this new creation to go out to everyone, and the more new people come on board, the more amazing it will be."

Sales Operations Manager

Sales Team

Diane Liberator Image

Diane Liberator

North Ogden, Ogden

Area Account Mgr.

My name is Diane Liberator. I was born and raised in Northern Utah. I started my career in advertising at the Standard Examiner; it has been fun to see all of the changes over the years. I have spent 35 years in the print advertising and publication businesses. I love working with customers to find the right avenue to promote their own business. 

​I am married to an amazing husband! We love to go on road trips on the Harley and golf whenever we can. We enjoy spending time with our grandchildren and watching their sports games.  

Kendal Jensen Headshot

Kendal Rae Jensen

Weber County West, Box Elder County Area Account Mgr.

Kendal is a former state and national rodeo queen who has worked in sales for 15 years and in publishing for four years. She has previously created a popular western lifestyle magazine and has a passion for creating content that celebrates the community. She resides in Farr West with her husband, Zach, their seven busy kids, and stable full of horses and 4H animals. In her spare time she enjoys helping her kids pursue their rodeo dreams, along with roping and rodeo with her husband and family.

danielle arana headshot

Danielle Arana

Syracuse, Clearfield Area Account Mgr.

Danielle was born in Ventura, California. Due to the oil downfall and recession, she moved to Roy, Utah, with her husband in 2015 to search for work. She calls this the "best move in our lifetime." Danielle and her family, including seven children and four grandchildren, love the mountains, the people, and the feeling of home.

With over 20 years of customer service experience, and a few small businesses of her own, Danielle knows the importance of taking care of her clients in a way that they know they are valued—they are like family.

In her spare time, Danielle sings in a band and hangs out with her family.

Scott Jones Headshot

Scott Jones

Roy, Ogden Area Account Mgr.

Scott Jones has spent his career both selling marketing and buying it when he owned his own vinyl fencing company. Scott is a relationship-driven sales professional. He loves to visit his clients to help them get their marketing in front of potential customers and to help his clients grow their businesses. 

Scott has more than 15 years experience helping businesses market effectively. 

Creative Team


Marliss Scott

Graphic Design


Marliss took a personality test not long ago which showed her #1 strength as curiosity. She was disappointed—she wanted creativity to be on top! However, the more she thought on it, she realized that curiosity is what drives her to ask questions, to read, explore, research, and ultimately, create. Always wanting to know more about a person, a subject, or a situation means being a writer for Connection Publishing is her perfect job. Not only that, she also gets to use her graphic design background creating ads, which is icing on the cake!

Marliss has a B.A. in Business Management, with an emphasis in Marketing from California State University, Fullerton, and a Graphic Design certification from Ogden-Weber Tech College. She’s worked in marketing for over 30 years for Fortune 500 companies, smaller local businesses, municipal government, and an entrepreneur/realtor.


Growing up in Southern California, and traveling the world with her hubby, a retired Marine, and two sons, the Scotts have called Utah home for 21 years. 

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