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Company Overview:

At Connection Media Company, we're not just about creating ads or selling marketing; we're about helping connect our customers to their ideal customers. We started as a local magazine publishing company and have grown into a full-scale marketing company. Specializing in local advertising, SEO, SEM, social media, photography, and video advertising, we help small businesses in Northern Utah make a big impact. We're a team that values creativity, community engagement, and customer satisfaction. 

Assistant to the CEO

We are looking for someone to work directly with Ryan our CEO. This individual will work to ensure that Ryan is efficient with his time and that all of our clients are well taken care of. This individual should be self-motivated, organized, and have a commitment to excellence. Some of the work may be menial while other parts will be highly creative, engaging, and challenging. 


Ryan is very hands-on. he loves to meet with people, make sales, and see his clients, however, we simply have too many for him to reach all of them every month. This position will require travel to client locations and making sure that magazines, or digital analytics reports are delivered each month. Customer Service is given and advertisers are treated well and are receiving what they were promised. Some visits will be assigned to Ryan while others will need to be handled by the assistant, in person. This person should have reliable transportation. 

Sales, Creativity, and Scheduling: 

This person will help manage Ryan's schedule. Setting appointments, answering inquiries, and ensuring visits can be planned efficiently. This person will help Ryan prioritize his schedule and ensure the maximum amount of sales calls are made. Ryan is the salesperson, but each appointment will have additional needs as well which the assistant will help with. They should be able to have sales conversations as well. Even though the role is not a sales role, conversations will come up and sales conversations will need to happen. This person cannot be shy, or unwilling to make phone calls or to speak with customers. We are a hands-on, high-touch organization that believes in the old-fashioned way of doing business. Person to person. 

Ryan will need help making sure that proposals are put together, sent, and followed up on to give us the best chance at making a sale. Some of these follow-ups can take months to finalize. We will also want to get organized and touch base with previous clients to see if they want to advertise again or use some of our new services. Ryan will need help keeping track of all of this.

As part of the proposal process, creativity is very important. We often need to think outside the norms to help get a client exactly what they need. This person will help Ryan work through these brainstorming sessions and bring their own experience and expertise to the table. This person should be willing to study and learn new things to help stay up to date on the best marketing and creative approaches. 

Proposals and Admin of New Accounts:

This person will take information that Ryan gathers while making sales and help him put together proposals, detail what the customers are purchasing, send contracts, collect payment information, enter them into the system, and make sure orders are fulfilled. Anything else it takes to make sure clients are well taken care of.  


We market ourselves consistently. This role will be instrumental in helping strategize the best ways to do this. They will also help pull together creatives and create social media posts that can be used to grow Connection Media Co.


This person should be tech-savvy. We use various tools, mostly online and in the cloud. Web Tools, Project Management Software, CRM, and more. This role will need to not only learn how to use these tools effectively but they will also be called upon to make sure we are using them to their fullest. We want to be more efficient and create systems that will help us grow. This person will need to have a computer and a solid internet connection.

The Role will Change:

Ryan has never had an assistant. There will be new things, changes, and some level of "Figuring Things Out" as we go. This person needs to be flexible and have a good attitude. They must be easy to get ahold of as Ryan will typically need to call by phone as he is driving around. There are multiple ways this person can help us across multiple businesses and even though they will be paid through Connection Media Co., they will be involved in each aspect of the business. This person should also feel empowered to help us strategize to become better, more efficient, and growth-oriented. 


This person will work side by side with Ryan and will need to take pride in what we are doing and what we are seeking to become. This role should be held by a person who is seeking to make Connection Media Co. better across all fronts. Better service, better sales, better content. At our heart, we are a content creation company. We want everything that comes from our company to be top-notch and to have our special brand appeal to it. This person should have that mentality when completing their work. 

Our Services: 

We help customers across a variety of services. Print Advertising, Social Media Advertising, Google and Search Engine Advertising, Videography, Photography, Copywriting, Web Development, Reputation Management, Lead Funnels, Targeted Marketing, Video Marketing, Email Marketing, Branding, and more. We handle a wide variety of products and need to be proficient in all of them. 

If you feel you have what it takes and are drawn to the work and mission of Connection Media Co. Please fill out the form below. We will contact you to conduct an interview shortly. 

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