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Digital Video

Digital Video is the fastest-growing advertising channel. It is popular because it allows you to have TV-type advertising, shown on Smart and Streaming TVs, targeted at your ideal customer (WHO), for a fraction of the price of traditional TV marketing. CTV or Connected TV is the TV advertising of the future. Book an appointment to see how digital video might fit in your marketing plan.


Pre-roll ads play before videos on popular websites. Think of a video you watched on ESPN, the Today Show, or your favorite news site. That video had an ad that played before you got to your content, and that ad is called pre-roll. These ads can be highly targeted and only play for your ideal target audience. This is a great way to get your video message in front of many eyes, for a great price. 

Pre-Roll Pricing Starts at $860 per month
40,000 impressions

Streaming TV

Nearly everyone's TVs are connected to the internet nowadays. If someone has a connected TV they likely watch shows on streaming platforms and free movie sites. These sites typically show commercials similar to how TV shows have commercials. You can have a commercial that shows up to your audience. Traditional TV ads show up for anyone who is watching, whereas Streaming TV only shows up to your WHO—your target audience. Plus, it costs way less than traditional TV ads. 

Streaming TV Pricing Starts at $1000 per month
20,000 impressions


YouTube is the most popular video channel in the world. It is also the second most popular search engine. Just think of how often you have looked up a how-to video on YouTube. Video advertising on YouTube is a great way to get in front of your ideal customer.  

YouTube Video Ads Pricing Starts at $500 per month

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