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Email Marketing (Bulk)

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Targeted emails are delivered to the inboxes of people who have confirmed that they want to receive email ads. 

  1. The Modern direct-mail solution

  2. No spam: 100% inbox delivery guarantee

  3. Only goes to inboxes that have twice confirmed that they want to receive email marketing campaigns

  4. Redeploy email blasts available to emails that are:

    1. Openers - for interest-focused campaigns​

    2. Clickers - for intent-focused campaigns

    3. Non-openers

  5. Mix with audience-matched targeted display ads to double up your impressions and hit customers on multiple levels. ​

Email Marketing Pricing

32,500 emails - $650 *starting at
Redeploy to opens - $500 *starting at
Great to combine with Display for multi-channel campaigns
HTML Ad Creation $100

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