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Creation Mode!

Grandpa, the entrprenuer, and the truck stop he restored.
Grandpa made a very good living from that truck stop.

I have always admired small business owners. I know many people who love sports and love to retell or discover the stories of sports excellence. I do too, but, even more, I love stories of triumph and accomplishments told by small business owners.

My grandfathers were both entrepreneurs, one an old-fashioned cattle trader, and the other in the trucking industry with several trucks and a truck stop. Both of them came from nothing and grew into successful business people. 

I have always identified with my mom’s dad because he was a dreamer who struggled to find his way. It was later in his life when his brother helped him buy a decrepit old truck stop which he restored, and turned around. It provided him a very good living after that.

Over the last 8 years in business, I’ve realized the parts of entrepreneurship I love the most: 

  • Creation Mode

  • Building something from nothing but an idea

  • The idea that you can change the world in some way

Creation Mode

The powerful feeling that comes when you tap into your creative mind is so amazing. It captivates and inspires me. You begin to see things when you engage Creation Mode that you never would have seen otherwise. 

You must be hyper-focused on figuring out a problem. You must look for solutions and research possible ways to make it happen. And then you must dig deep into your brain, beyond where you have gone before, and find creative ways to solve the problem. The greatest businesses solve problems in unique ways.

When you are marketing your business, this is crucial because it gives you a unique story to tell, the story behind your creation, your system, your approach. Whatever it is you do that is unique and clever. 

I find my most creative thoughts come, when I am not trying to have them, but after I have spent time studying and looking for answers, and then get back to work. It’s when I’m busy that something will pop into my head and give me solutions or ideas for the issue I want to solve. 

Last week, I met a business owner who is a physical therapist. However, he didn’t simply say, “I am a physical therapist.” Instead, he said, “I want to help people age better. I want people to have a Centenarian Bucket list of things they want to be able to do when they are 100. For example, he wants to be able to hop a fence to grab a ball that goes over. Can you imagine a 100-year-old that can do that?” He created a vision of what he wants to change in the world and is pursuing it! That is Creation Mode!

This process is like brain exercise. I never found this type of inspiration and challenge until I had my own business whose very existence revolves around effectively solving the problems of others. If you are struggling with your story or making it unique, I suggest starting with my WHO and WHY worksheets to define your ideal client and why they would do business with you over your competition. You can access those for FREE here

A hand on the controls preparing to engage Creation Mode!
Enter Creation Mode!

Building Something from Nothing

I have always been fascinated with carpenters and builders. Maybe because it’s a skill I don’t possess, but I love to see a home or building go from the ground up and change the landscape. There is so much detail that goes into building a structure effectively. 

A business is the same. First, you must create something that you can sell. Then, you must deliver that product and market it so that people know about it. Next, you must get efficient at selling and servicing that product so you can scale and have enough customers to make a living. It is different than working at a job where someone else already figured that stuff out. 

Just like a home that pops up out of the dirt, business owners create something that wasn't there before. They use raw materials to create a product or ideas to serve others. It is special and I have mad respect for anyone who does it! I love that I have done it and count it as one of the greatest accomplishments of my life.

Change the World

I think the coolest part of building a business is the fact that you most likely started with the motivation to fix a problem. The idea is to help others get more of what they want, so you can have what you want. 

Even if it’s in some small way that you change someone's life, you have changed the world. The best inspiration I can find is the idea that I have made a positive impact on those around me. I have made the world better, even if only in a small way. 

I remember a friend who started a dog poop-cleaning business. He grew it successfully and eventually sold it and transitioned into something else. He was so passionate about helping families enjoy their pets without the worry of cleaning up after them. His passion and his vision changed people's world. In a small way, but it did change things. Pretty cool. 

How are you changing the world? 

These are my favorite things about being an entrepreneur. I would love to hear yours. Or you could share how you are changing the world by building something and engaging your Creation Mode!

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I had a chance to learn firsthand from the late Sir Ken Robinson. He is most famous for his thoughts on creativity. In his TED Talk, he poses the question, "Do schools kill creativity?" The premise of his thoughts was that creativity is THE essential element of human development, and ultimately, everything is just a consequence of this component.

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Contestando a

It is interesting how many entrepreneurs don’t complete their traditional education. Do you think it’s a result of their creativity needing to be set free of the rigors of traditional education, or is the fact that they left school the reason they are able to be more creative?

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